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I write, mostly to keep my head from exploding. It threatens to do that a lot. My blog is the pixelated version of all the voices in my head. I tend to dive into what connects me to God, my community, my family and my doubt. I do a lot of searching, not as much finding. I’m good with that. I have learned, finally, to live comfortably in the gray. In the meantime, I wrestle with God, and my doubt and my joy.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Neverwhen falling into place

There is something
and hesitant
and slightly
in the act of saying:

I know you;
at least, I think I do.

I think my heart has met yours before,
on some excursion
into the neverwhen
and everwhere.

There is some sign,
some sudden
a falling into

And time
cannot deny
or conceal
the stutterstep
and stammer
of our knowingness.

We have collided
and burst into
ribbons of delight
and danced.

And it has just been
until now,
this very moment,
that we have caught
each other's eye
enough to remember
I know you,
and have met your heart

c Stacey Zisook Robinson
30 April 2014