Thursday, June 11, 2015

3am Prayer

The house breathes
its quiet sounds
an electric psalm -
wordless, and
insistent, and
my soul travels
along its
singing edge.
I can feel its tug
in the quiet hum
in the quiet dark
in the quiet breath
that is a prayer.

Monday, June 1, 2015

And I Will Sing

There was no altar.
No sacrifice made,
though I drew near -
nearer than breath
or light,
and I lingered
in a sanctuary
made of holiness
and time.

I tasted sweetness there,
and light that flickered
and danced
and rose higher -
a haloed spark of gold
and blue.
The air was filled
with blessing
and music,
a psalm of thanks
that lifted me
and filled me,
and I sang out my joy.

I was returned,
as ever,
as always,
to this place of
sacred benediction,
and I was whole
in that place
and I sang out my praise.

And now I leave,
step back across
a chasm as wide as
time, or the beat
of my heart, or
infinity squared,
but I leave with a secret,
a promise that lingers
like a kiss -

I will carry these blessings,
this sweetness,
this joy
with me,
ever and always.
Even here,
I will carry them
as a leaf carries dew.
And I will be filled.
And I will be whole.
And I will return,
as ever
as always,
to this place,
this sanctuary of holiness
and time,
and I will sing.