Thursday, November 26, 2020

A Prayer of Gratitude

Three hots,
a cot, served
in the prison of 
my hospital room.
My bed is alarmed,
guarding against an escape
from gravity.
A gravid situation -
Who would escape
the luxury of all this bounty?
Blessed beyond measure
aren't we,
with all that we need -
three hots,
a cot.
A heart of fire
and a table laden,
overflowing with bountiful goodness.

I breathe in the name of God.
Breathe in the name of God,
the name of God -
There is such grace
 in this giving,
a kindness unmeasured.

So give thanks
and sing your praise
for all that we have,
for all we have not,
for all that will be given.
Sing praise,
and let us shout