Wednesday, December 23, 2020

To the God of Grief and Grace

To the God of weariness 
and pain,
who spoke
and sang
and breathed in spices
and the dust that you are
and to which you will return,
you, who spoke 
and sang
and breathed 
the name of God.

To this glorious god, 
of grief
and grace,
who spoke,
who broke,
who breathed a song -
we are song
and it is good.

Sing, and shout praise -
the world is fire!
The dust swirls,
we skitter and sway,
touching flame,
touching light.
We are light
and it is good - 
God yes!  It is

To this great God
of infinite rising,
I sing your praise
In light
In love
In grief
and pain
In glorious exaltation
I rise
and Your holy name is

1 comment:

Betsy Fuchs said...

Once again Stacey you put words to the ineffable. You remind me that God is good and that pain is real and that there is grace and beauty in this world and always a reason to praise and that God, or in my case thank the Universe for my blessings including you dear Stacey and your wonderful poems and reflections that you share with us.